Cavalier Carpets


Polypropylene Warranty Registration

Please register your warranty with Cavalier Carpets below.

Remember to retain your original invoice or receipt from the retailer, warranty claims will not be considered without it.

Terms and conditions:* I have read and understood the terms and conditions which apply to the registration of this warranty.

Warranty Terms & Conditions

A. The warranty only applies to Cavalier 'Stainless' ranges.

B. You must register your warranty within 1 month of purchase to be valid.

C. Complaints will only be taken into consideration upon presentation of the original purchase invoice.

D. The warranty is only applicable to the original carpet purchaser and is not transferable.

E. The warranty is a residential warranty and as such only covers the consumer’s reasonable indoor use of carpet installed in a single family, domestic residence.

F. The warranty covers 'first grade' carpets only and not 'seconds' or clearance lines.

G. The carpet needs to be fitted in areas for which the carpet is suitable.

H. The carpet must be installed by a qualified fitter and in the approved manner according to the guidelines laid down in BS 5325 on a solid floor.

I. The carpet must be cleaned by a professional cleaning company every two years, and you must retain evidence of this cleaning by keeping invoices and receipts.

J. Sensible protection measures, such as doormats and similar must be taken to protect the carpet.

K. The stain warranty covers staining caused solely by food and drinks, which are unable to be removed by the Renew professional carpet cleaning company. Stains which are removed by Renew are done so at the consumer's expense.

L. The warranty does not apply to spots made intentionally or by negligence, nor to spots which appeared during the laying of the carpet, nor to spots caused by a fire, water damage or any similar accident.

M. Similarly, spots which have appeared following an unsuitable use of chemical products, improper cleaning methods or the use of the carpet for a purpose for which it is not intended are not covered.

N. The warranty does not apply in the event of deterioration due to normal wear and tear of the carpet, crushing of the fibres and/or shading. 

O. Responsibility for any other direct or indirect damage is expressly excluded. 

P. If within ten years of purchase your carpet becomes permanently stained as a result of an accidental spillage or soiling a replacement carpet will be provided by the manufacturer. For every full year since the date of purchase a deduction of one tenth of the value of the carpet will be made (eg after five years you will we expected to contribute 50% of the replacement price).

Q. If the carpet has to be replaced, Cavalier will deliver, an equivalent carpet chosen from our range, for the defective surfaces, to the exclusion of other demands.

R. The guarantee covers supply only and does not cover uplift, fitting or any costs incurred for moving any furniture while the new carpet is being laid.

S. If applicable, the surface to be replaced is limited to the room involved, regardless of the presence or otherwise or a physical threshold , such as a door bar.

T. An independent expert will be appointed in the event of disagreement to inspect the carpet on-site.

U. The Warranty offered is applicable to Cavalier 'Stainless' carpets purchased and installed in the United Kingdom, I.O.M., Channel Islands & the Republic of Ireland.

V. Your statutory rights are not affected by this warranty.