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Why Cavalier Export?

Why Cavalier Export? 1
Why Cavalier Export? 2
Why Cavalier Export? 3

Cavalier are committed to providing exceptional service to our clients globally and are very proud of our international influence.

There is every chance if you are on a cruise aboard a luxury liner, strolling down the corridor of a five star hotel or dining in a top restaurant on any continent, that your feet are on a Cavalier carpet.

Over many years we have worked with mall's and mosques, theatres and temples, hotels and high rise casinos all over the world. Cavalier as a global brand has built up a reputation for delivering the finest products, cutting edge design and reliable service. Our ever growing worldwide network of agents and representatives can take a brief, project manage and use our logistics expertise to deliver the perfect floorcovering solution, anywhere.

Our multi-faceted manufacturing capabilities together with our experienced designers are ideally suited to meet the needs of the client, be it interior specifiers, architects, contractors or end users on any continent. We are passionate about understanding the aesthetic, cultural and technical requirements of all our customers wherever they may be.

For more information about export opportunities you can contact our Export Department.

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