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From Concept to Carpet 1
From Concept to Carpet 2
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Our highly experienced design team are always developing new ideas and finding ways of creating our client's requirements through optimum interaction of colour, quality, texture and design.

Our design studio is an essential part of our business in selecting colours for our stock collections, design styles to assist our contract clients and following general trends in furnishings.


The brief can be very broad or very specific depending on the clients working practises. Many clients enjoy being closely involved in this process whilst others are happy to leave it to the experience of our designers. Whichever you prefer we are happy to work to your lead in developing your bespoke carpet.

We also have an extensive design library which we have built up in over 40 years of business. These can be used as inspiration or they can simply be re-coloured to your scheme.

Colour Selection

We allow you to select colours from our latest tuft box ranging from soft natural tones to warm rusts on to cool blues and greens, and we also offer a custom dying service should the colour you require not be available from our bespoke colour range.


From the brief our design team go to work creating several interpretations using CAD technology for the client's consideration. In many instances timings can be very strict and we work tirelessly to produce CAD images quickly. This often results in clients being able to complete projects ahead of schedule.

Hand Made Sample

Before signing off the carpet for production, you will be shown a sample for colour and design in carpet form. This gives you a further chance to adjust the carpet colours and design until you are completely satisfied.


Cavalier Carpets prides itself on being one of the market leaders in custom design. We work with many leading designers throughout the world and are determined to provide the perfect design experience for Axminster, Wilton, Tufted Graphics and Printed carpets.

For more information about our bespoke design solutions you can contact our Design Team.

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