Cavalier Carpets

The Art of Carpet Making

WOOL, ultimate natural raw material! ...its journey from fleece to floorcovering
is a unique combination of art & science. With the exception of stage 1 similar
processes are employed when using both nylon and polypropylene

Wool Cleaning

Having carefully selected the finest British or New Zealand wool for their inherent characteristics which can mean using the whole fleece from one sheep to make just one square metre of carpet, it needs to be 'scoured' (cleaned) to remove vegetation stuck in the fleece.

Carding & Spinning

After cleaning the raw wool the fibres are drawn out using a process known as 'carding' a mechanical process that disentangles, cleans and intermixes fibres to produce a continuous 'web' or 'sliver' suitable for subsequent processing, then it is twisted and spun into the actual yarn for manufacture.


Along the way the magic of colour casts its spell, with our dye house transforming the natural hue of the wool into a kaleidescope of stunning tones to suit any room, this gives us an opportunity to inspect it for quality and shade.


The yarn now needs to be wound on to 'bobbins' ready for the tufting machine. This involves the precise winding of successive coils of yarn laid close together. One square metre of carpet can use as much as three kilometres of yarn, that's ten times round a football pitch.


As many as two thousand 'bobbins' of yarn make up the 'creel' which has to be threaded by hand to feed the same number of needles that stitch or 'tuft' the yarn into primary backing material, some of our carpets have as many as two million tufts per square metre.


Our high speed, state of the art tufting machines where the needles can stitch at more than one thousand times per minute are capable of creating a vast array of carpet styles; cut or loop pile, plain or patterned up to five metres wide.

Backing & Shearing

We then complete the product by applying a secondary backing using a natural latex adhesive which guarantees the longevity and stability of the carpet, all that is now required is for the surface finish to be refined by passing it through our high-tec multi blade shearing machine.

Quality Control

From start to finish we implement the most exacting quality control procedures, involving scrutiny of the raw yarn, and the carpet at each stage in the production process. Final inspection is undertaken before despatch to the customer, to ensure that the carpet you dreamed of is the one you get.